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You May Play God

My name is Boluwatife. I have heard and read more than a few things about Sickle cell disease in the past, this is not just because my haemoglobin genotype is AS which means I carry heterogeneous sickle cell trait but also because I developed interest in medical...

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Sports Defining Diseases

Concussion, 2015, is one movie that I think every sportsman should see, well it had its own controversy but it wouldn’t take ‘forever’ before the world becomes fully aware of some of the health and life-threatening damages of its most lucrative and profitable sports....

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This One Must Not Die IV

From last part... It was while we were living in Kaduna that I got pregnant but lost it again. Al-ameen didn’t make me feel like I had lost another pregnancy, he promised he would take me to see a specialist. The closest Teaching Hospital where we could have...

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The Urine-Leaking Girl

The sight of a 13 year old Amina whom I saw during one of the medical outreaches I participated earlier in the year keeps flashing through my mind. Her low timid tones, monosyllabic responses, her constant downward gaze despite my attempts to make her look at me...

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Fathers’ Day Story

I remember my dad once gave me a thousand naira to pay for my tuition fee, I was only in primary three. I was a pretty small boy who had never handled such a big money before. Daddy warned me to keep the money safe, he told me the first thing I must do as soon as I...

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Ummi Awana

Before The Light Went Off The meaning of my name is ‘Mama’. So, now I know why I was named after my dear mother; Mama Zara was a fighter, a true survivor of life, so am I. In our small village of Jajimaji, few kilometres from the busy town of Gashua in Yobe state, we...

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