Are you a lady? In a relationship and earnestly waiting for him to propose marriage? What if he doesn’t eventually? Here is something of an appetiser, please do enjoy…


Lovett has dated Jumbo for 3years, and she is still counting… Although they have both spent an epic 1,121 days together, her biggest expectation hasn’t been met yet, still, she would never wish for somebody else. She would never give up on hopes of marrying Jumbo, it is her greatest dream for the relationship, besides, Jumbo himself promised to propose marriage to her 2 years ago. He was and still madly in love with her—he never gave her reasons to doubt him.

But why is it taking this long for a guy that now has a job with Solace Petrochemicals to propose to me? Imagine o, a final year student of law.

Lovett asks every ticking second with some fake self-obsession. She had always thought his reason of a stable employment before proposing was flimsy, but now he has one, one of the heavy-paying jobs in the country. No more excuse!


It’s her birthday today, and Jumbo himself has asked to meet her at the finest beech resort for the surprise of her life. She knows Jumbo as an everyday ‘surpriser’, for him to have stressed the word ‘surprise’… he must mean something he hasn’t yet done—marriage proposal.

She had gotten to the beech few minutes earlier. Not, in a bit, taken away by the periodic waves and heavy tides of the salt water, she imagines… the feel of an engagement ring on her middle finger. Whether gold, silver or wood, Lovett is ready to wear any. Even if Jumbo himself would role a copper wire into a ring!


As Jumbo walked closer to her, his hands gently placed on his back like he was hiding something. She saw him but out of excitement, she wouldn’t exactly know what to do. She waited for him to get to her and immediately jumped at him. Before Jumbo could spill a word, she exalted,

‘Sweetheart, thank you for this. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.’

‘Me too, Love. But what did…’

Before Jumbo could finish his statement, she intercepted and gave him a light kiss.

Lovett’s hands were still clogged round his neck when he gently retrieved the gift box from his back and held it with his two hands round her waist.

‘Happy birthday, my love.’ he whispered in his charming baritone through one of her ears.

‘I smell Marriage, Sweet boy.’ she whispered back.

Without a word, he gently shoved her away and extended the small box to her.

As she opened the box, his eye balls darted up and down, not knowing the reaction he would get. He wouldn’t be too sure if she’d love his choice, quality and perhaps brand of gift.

She slide the carton cover halfway to check her suspicion. She immediately froze, her upper and lower jaws trembling in disappointment. Not knowing what to say,

‘I thought. I thought.. I thought…’

‘You thought you smelled marriage, you actually smelled chocolate, love.’ he broke in.

‘You don’t like chocolate?, I thought it is your favourite.’ he continued in a way that was pissing her off.

‘I do…’ she said unhappily.

‘You know, quality dark chocolate like this one contains flavonoids which help reduce the risk of heart disease?’ he said, out of context.

She was going to give a loud hiss before she controlled her emotions.

‘How would fuel price tell whether rain would fall; as if I told you I’m at risk of heart attack. ’ she muttered to herself.

‘I don’t like the way you’re staring at me, Love, please pick it up and eat it, I want you to be happy. You know, chocolate is associated with the release of serotonin, the hormone that makes you feel relaxed, calm, and happy.’ he preached again.

‘Is this really Jumbo?’ she muttered to herself again.

She tore the cellophane wrapper, and took a bite. Well, marriage proposal or no marriage proposal, Lovett loves dark brown chocolates. She hardly would give it up for any other junks.

‘You see, it tastes great. In fact, research has shown that allowing chocolate to melt in your mouth produces brain and heart rate activity that is simliar to – and even stronger than – that produced when we kiss passionately?’

This time, Jumbo sounded hilarious. She gave a chuckle, then strangely, her teeth struck against a small metal. She gently pulled it out of the melted chocolate in her mouth. Behold, it was a diamond ring! Lovett was petrified.

Jumbo had surprised her in a way she would never have imagined.


Hello, everyone, have you truly taken something away from my appetiser today? Be it about love or chocolate, I would love to know what you think about this.


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