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The other day, my friend, Busayo Adebayo was telling me how he was consumed by certain relationship he had with a young lady named Eve. Hmm… my friend must have been left emotionally shattered.

Well, I wouldn’t want to pose in the image of doctoring love and relationship because by all parameters, Ayodeji is not a certified Doctor of love and relationship! Not even close to a marriage counsellor! *Smile* Notwithstanding, I can emphatically tell you how an ‘unhealthy’ or turbulent marriage/relationship can stress you out and rip off your sound mind—I wish I could now but I’m afraid it has to be a post for another time, ‘doesn’t look like an appetizer. Still, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying relationships should always be non-turbulent, but there should be an equilibrium between the amount of problems we absorb everyday in our marriages or relationships and the number of times we truly get past these problems with our partners—I haven’t forgotten my stance, I’m not a marriage counsellor. So, after my friend broke up with his partner, this was how he narrated his painful chronicle:


Without thinking and jumping into it

This eventually started after much efforts made to eschew from it

Like a gamble, this game started

Yes, this risky game of love indeed started

A Russian roulette, I named it


She was pretty as a serpent

She carried a name after a mother of all

Eve! Eve was her name

She was a Jezebel over a thousand men

And she was still the wisest of all women


I never fell for love at first sight but Eve’s sight caused it

Like an epidemic, love overwhelmed me

Never knew I would later suffer it

And like an over-bloomed virus deep inside me at first sight


Day after day, we played this game

We played this, lethal game of chance

We began to spin this revolver with a puzzle placed against my head only

But I was blinded by her deceitful Game of love


Only a chamber was loaded in the six rounds revolver

We were lucky to pull five empty triggers at ourselves, all within five days

But all my belief was, it was just but a game


Now the sixth day was nigh, and beckoning on us

The night before, rapid eye movement was under our eyelids

I thought we would stop this game of chance

Unknowing to me, rapid changes overwhelmed my ‘gentle’ Eve


It was her time to spin the gun

Fear now began to cover me

From head to toe, water drooled down my temples

And from all hair holes on my body


She gave it a slow spin…

That it won’t make a complete clockwise movement

It only made a thirty degrees movement and ended on me

She didn’t even think it twice before pulling the trigger

…at me!


I ran into Eve’s game like the fish ran into the hook

My heart began to breathe out fast that Eve saw it through my chest

I took my last deep breath as Eve’s bullet pierced through my heart

While shattering it…and left my lifeless body

I laid fallow on the floor


I’d truly hope to read from the other side of the coin. Miss Eve must have a lot to say from her end. She must have reasons to have pulled the deadly trigger without remorse, or wait a second, was Busayo lying about all these? Cooked up from his thirst for justification? Who knows? *Smile*



Busayo Adebayo is a Poet and a Freelance Public Analyst.

He blogs @


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