One popular saying in entrepreneurship is, customers are always right. No matter what drama they bring on, a service provider stands to make customers his priority.


Why is this different in many government hospitals? Instead of making us the priority, we are treated like ‘Swine and Dungs ‘ in same hospitals where we, from our hard-crafted pockets, pay for the services they provide us, or has health care service been free in Nigeria? Pure rubbish! The only place we are sure of getting 60% of ‘customers are always right’ treatment is in the private hospitals, but I’m sure many of us are no longer ready to be managed by some hungry doctors whose sole aim is to dry up our average pockets and ‘intentionally’ make us to keep going back to their clinics without definite solution, or by some Med-school dropout quacks who are desperate to be called doctors. Yes! We are Nigerians, we were once called patients because we were at the mercies of these people and some of us are still at their mercies. If we don’t advocate for better treatment, we will continue to suffer at the hands of those who are suppose to help us stay healthy. I know little about the hospital affairs or what internal problems it has, but I tell u, patients should be respected and not taken advantage of.

I cannot be happy seeing hospital staff carry another patient’s folder over mine, after waiting for 5hours and yet to see my consultant… and even knowing that this patient whose folder was taken over mine was just coming. This gets me so mad! Who exactly was this patient? How was his health more important than mine? If he was an emergency case, then he should be taken to the accident and emergency unit, not here at the outpatient department where many of us had been waiting since 6.30am…


On this episode of DPP, Mr Adebayo shares an ugly experience he had in the hospital with us.

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After my forth operation, a Consultant Urologist (name withheld) gave me a consultation appointment the next Thursday. So my mum and I had gone a day earlier to book an appointment for the next day. Each time we are to make up for such appointments, we would normally set out and start driving down as early as 5am in order not to get hooked in the early morning traffic at Sango, en-route the teaching hospital. Luckily, we are always the first to get our folders on the doctor’s table every time, but this occasion was different, my folder wasn’t on the consultant’s table, yet at 11am. My mum had gone down severally to inquire about the delay but to no avail. I was getting too infuriated on the queue because lots of patients’ folders are now on the doctor’s table while I wasn’t sure what had happened to mine. My mum came back up with the information that my folder is still no where to be found. Angrily, I had to go and meet the staff down stairs in the file room of the hospital. I was very calm at first while asking a dark woman in low hair cut about my file and was explaining to her that I was the first one on the queue. I also told her I had been in the hospital at dawn. Suddenly from no where, this woman in low cut started raining on me terrible names, ‘stupid, ‘idiot’ and other vulgar names. My nerves were immediately excited, hmm, me that I have been trying hard to tame the anger in me. That was how I busted out in anger and started screaming and shouting at all the staff in the file room until all the other patients waiting in front of the file room started begging me. The issue was later resolved, the woman’s colleagues apologised and I was seen by my consultant. Now I wonder if things would have been taken over me if I hadn’t caused such a scene? It’s a just a pity!



Mr Busayo Adebayo is a Poet and a Freelance Public Analyst.

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