I remember my dad once gave me a thousand naira to pay for my tuition fee, I was only in primary three. I was a pretty small boy who had never handled such a big money before. Daddy warned me to keep the money safe, he told me the first thing I must do as soon as I get to school is to pay the money at the headmaster’s office, but I failed to do so. I must have been carried away by the irresistible taste of Uncle Sam’s lollypop. A classmate of ours celebrated birthday that day and bought everyone the most sort after lollypop of the 90s.
It was not until closing time I found out my money was gone. I searched the inner pocket of the raincoat I wore—because it rained that day—but my school fees was gone. I was confused. I couldn’t report a missing money because it was closing hour, besides there was no evidence that I went to school with such a big money in my pocket. I started to cry, not because I knew I would receive the beating of my life at home but because I wasn’t sure if I would ever or when I would ever get another school fees. I knew how much Dad sacrificed to get me that one thousand naira.
I wailed from school to home that day. Dad later came home and saw me crying; he saw I had cried my eyes out, my face was swollen. He asked why I was crying that much and I explained to him that the money was missing. Then Dad responded to my greatest surprise, ‘And is that why you have put yourself through this suffering?’ He mopped the tears in my eyes and told me not to worry that he would go out again in search for another school fees. Two days later, Dad gave me another one thousand naira. My Old man didn’t blink twice before giving it to me. He loved and trusted me.
Thanks for being a good Dad. Happy fathers’ day.

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