Hello friends of Ayodeji Erubu’s blog! Meet Favour… Well, not the only friend but one of the wonderful friends I made at the orphanage. Favour was about 6years of age. First time we met, I noticed a quiet girl snuggle to herself at one corner of the room, her writing materials lying unused on the floor with her. Whereas other children were happy executing their classwork(s), those that weren’t busy writing were busy jumping and shouting but favour wasn’t looking happy at all. I walked up to her and asked what the problem was but she wouldn’t talk. I asked for her name but she gave me a muted response. One of the children then shouted, ‘Uncle, she cannot write.’ Then I sat close to her to confirm her mate’s speculation. May be she couldn’t write on her own but she wrote A, B, C with my right hand fixed over hers. Each time I left her hand to write by her self(still under my surveillance), her hands would tremble and she would freak out. Unknowingly to me, I had abandoned her to teach other children. After a while I noticed she was no longer around me, I looked up and saw her faraway, isolated again but this time writing by herself. I was amazed on seeing what she had written on her own without surveillance. Then I realised Favour had just taught me one important lesson; not all kids should be taught in similar ways, while some would need consistent monitoring others require time and space to express their academic prowess, the reason could range from childhood issues with confidence to difficulty in learning. Notwithstanding, one fact would never change, Favour could read and write!

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