The above portrait is one out of the 1000 faces of Kwara

My Okada Experience

My other name is Okada man. I’m a commercial motorcyclist. My office is the road, many times in the scourging sun, other times in the rain, few other times I rode with passengers through water-logged or sandy neighbourhood. Three times I have sustained major injuries from road accident.
At noon, I stop at Iya Amina shop to have my launch, my favourite is Amala and beans soup. Once it’s few minutes before 7pm, I rush out of the road back home for my supper. I have a wife and six children, only one is in school, this is because I make an average profit of 800 hundred naira a day and food takes a big chunk of it.

I remember once a big man hired me to carry him for all his events in this town, we started our journey around 10am and I took him back to his hotel at 5pm. The big man gave me 20,000 naira without adding a clause, the next thing I heard from him was ‘good night Baba and God bless’. I can’t ever forget that day.
Am I happy with my work? Did you know with my motor cycle I can take you to your place of work 3times less the time a taxi would take you? Yes! I’m happy with my work.

Tell us your okada experience…


The Project 1000 faces of kwara
The is an initiative of BL.arts, to challenge artists to make 1000 portraits of inhabitants of kwara state at 1000 naira each. The proceeds go into providing education and welfare for kids of charity foundation, Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative (HSKI)

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