Ways Your Attitude Can Change That Sick-State II; Letting go of The Past and Ugly

Amongst the many heart shattering diagnoses, there are few ones that really never make a patient’s life remain the same. These news come in as, ‘we are sorry ma’am, the investigations revealed you have an Advanced Breast Cancer,’ sometimes if not a tumour, it could be the ‘fearsome’ HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Heart Diseases. These horrible names–perhaps I should use the word ‘diagnoses’, like Doctors would love to be professional, any day anywhere–in some cases change the direction of a patient’s destiny, but should they?

Not long ago, I posted an SOS update on a social media. In the post, I shared the story of a friend who was diagnosed of HIV infection while on Youth Service for his country. He was presumably counseled and later started on treatment at the center he was diagnosed, but months later after his youth service program, he decided to ‘let the cat out of the bag’ by informing me of his status. But really, that wasn’t a big deal; the big problem he had to deal with was the fact that all the while his fiancée never knew of his status, and since he was back home and would have to see her more frequently, he didn’t know how to let her know–all because of the fear of the ‘ugly’. You sure would imagine how ugly it is to lose a wife-to-be–someone you have planned your future with! As hard as it is, or may ever be, once one is diagnosed of a disease like HIV, it’s of ‘all benefit’ to deal with the reality of ‘letting go of the ugly’, never hold on to it! A girl friend or boy friend that would help you fight will not leave you to your predicaments, and so if he or she decides to stay, it means he or she truly wants to help you forge ahead–the opposite can not be said if he or she decides to leave, the decision is a thing of choice, a sensitive one indeed! Hence, sweating over the past may drain you, and consequently pose a poor prognosis for your health.

More so, one may experience some level of stigmatization from family and friends, this is one ‘hard blow’ to deal with, however, never take a stare at these stigmas. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your health status, after all, we all got one deficient state of health or another to deal with. As much as possible, you should try and look beyond people’s view about you and see beyond what they see, that is, ‘you fighting through happily’. Forge ahead with inspiring counsels from few loved ones around, and try to have your new life built around by families that love you; friends that would do anything for you; and employer that understands your status and would not only have you as his employee but also empowers you. And most importantly, do everything possible not to miss your medication!

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