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…Or Am I Vulnerable One More Time?

The meal stares at me and I stare back. It doesn’t just appeal to me even though it is yam and garden egg sauce, my favourite.   I see three missed calls on my phone, from three good friends. Perhaps they just wanted to check on me and know how I’m doing, I feel...

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Appetizer; Women, Why Hate COCP?

Are many women still using Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills, COCP as means to size their families? Please I need an urgent and honest answer soon, I mean As Soon As Possible, so I don’t continue to mislead my readers with mere assumptions that have been poorly...

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Mosquito Is Killing Us!

Read related article on malaria. Mr Oderinde was already used to city life; sleeping under insecticide treated mosquito nets and waking up to inhaling mosquito-free fresh air, no worries on how many sites he had been bitten by some ugly looking mosquitoes over the...

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When I Was Taught To Forget Pain

An adaptation from a true life experience...   Pain is an ugly feeling nobody wishes for, whether physical or emotional, it often drags those bitter tears down someone’s cheek. Few years back, I was taught one important lesson: there are times I must wish to...

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This One Must Not Die III

From last part.. Not long after the car had left, I noticed a dark lanky man, possibly in his mid-thirties, crossing through the road from a distance. He was agitated as he ran across the road. He kept shouting and waving his hands toward me, I could...

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Red Flag

Author: Kemisola Ajide   I woke up around 3:00am… no, it woke me up around 3:00am; hey girl, wakie wakie, it is that time of the month. It seemed to me , it came in person, with a stick and started to hit my abdomen, errm, that doesn’t even describe it, okay, it...

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‘There Is A Risk’

There is a risk.’ The doctor said to me... but I didn’t understand any of those words neither could I relate all other jargons that followed. The obvious was, an old man was incuriously staring at the doctor and I. He was apathetic and kept popping sighs of relief....

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It’s Time You DASHed That Diet!

  Hello, dear reader! Let’s get talking on something very crucial, and it has to do with Hypertension—what many of us call B.P. Like Peptic Ulcer Disease and diabetes mellitus, hypertension is a familiar non-communicable disease; it’s one of the most common...

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