Author: Seun James Taiwo; architect, professional photographer.

Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.

As a believer, I like to always think that nothing happens to me in life by chance. Absolutely nothing. I’ll just talk a bit on friendships now though. Often times, we get to meet people we grow fonder of and get to like. We bond into friendships and yield to the temptation of stopping there…


Learn to stop from time to time to ‘take stock’ of your life. Audit your goals, your use of time and very importantly your relationships. Realise that everyone in your life is there for a purpose (at least, everyone put there by God).


Now taking it a step further, suppose the friendship is between a male and female, It could be a very tricky terrain to navigate. We meet people of the opposite gender and once we don’t know their purposes of being sent to us, due to ‘chemistry’, ‘biology’ and every other law at work in nature, we settle into the myopic reasoning of the general world (boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy =romance) and abuse their friendships and eventually lose out on the purpose God sent them to us.


As we meet people from all spheres of life, let’s know that God is bringing relationships our way that would be important in our journeys through life. Not every meeting of opposite genders should mean romance. In fact, the way I like to look at it is “all meetings with the opposite gender will NOT lead to romance EXCEPT ONE”. It’s a different narrative if you think about it well. It makes you freer to meet people with openness of mind. And you’re not meeting people like you’re looking through stores for a perfectly fitting dress, but you’re meeting people and enjoying their friendships. And you can be assured that the One who brought the woman to the man even when he was sleeping, is still in the business of setting the solitary in families.


Don’t abuse relationships, certain courses once charted in the wrong way, cannot be re-charted. Don’t lose God sent friends, Ask God for their purposes in your life.?

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