Do You Have People Around You Struggling With Tobacco Addiction?

Many people living in the captivity of tobacco’s addiction started at tender ages. Whereas, up to 20% of high school students in the united state are current smokers, 90% of this fraction began before 18years of age. While you ponder on these statistics by Colorado quit line, it’s important to know that symptoms of nicotine addiction often occur only weeks or even just days after youth’s first experimentation with smoking. Perhaps, that fact deserves a deep sigh; you might want to take another on discovering that the addiction rate for tobacco is higher than the addiction rate for marijuana, cocaine and alcohol; this is because the nicotine content of tobacco is the most addictive substance known to human. Knowing addiction is a very serious neuropsychiatry problem of tobacco smoking, a juvenile smoker who tries to quit after starting may suffer the same withdrawal symptoms as adult smoker.

A report by Helena Merrimen of the BBC news shows some Kenyan office workers at launch time gather to read newspapers, chat and light cigarette in a designated smoking area in Nairobi, after the Kenyan government had banned public smoking in 2007. As one of the men takes a puff, he describes his habit, ‘I’ve been smoking for 40years but I hate it. I’ve often tried to give up by throwing cigarette into the toilet, but I have not succeeded in quitting smoking. I smoke about 40sticks a day, but would smoke more if I had more money. It’s expensive for me so I sometimes go without launch.’ The scene in the Nigerian community is not so different, as many smokers would practice their habit in secrecy, away from the scourge of societal condemnation, this yet only translate to hiding one’s tragedy from the reach of possible interventions. Many teenagers in the Nigerian setting are often lured into smoking by peer pressure and would smoke in secret places like in abandoned and unfinished buildings far from the society’s reach.


Most often, a smoker’s sufferings may range from addiction, severe health issues to complain of financial challenges. However, it’s important to manage a smoker’s addiction and the associated health problems in order to reduce mortality, but first, an addict should get acquainted with the different mechanisms of possible tobacco damages in the body before instituting a SMOKE FREE program.

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