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It was a bright morning like any other that day, woke up and found out that I was the only doctor in the hospital (General hospital) –on a Monday. Had to jump into my shirt and dashed out without taking breakfast because I knew patients would be waiting. I arrived at the clinic 8:15am (clinic starts 8:00am).

On getting there, I met a crowd of patients waiting and without wasting time, I started attending to them — spending about 5-10min per patient. I also was admitting, setting intravenous lines from there because it was “many” me that was on ground. Seeing pregnancy-related cases required additional time because of more examinations one would need do.

While I was doing all of those, grumbles from patients waiting outside the consultation room was sipping into my ears but I ignored it and continued – tried to hurry up more.
The onions of the matter lied when I called this toddler who was brought in by her mum, greeted her happily despite the fatigue and starvation I was battling with then only for her to respond, “doctor amon eti slow ju” meaning “doctor u are too sluggish”. I became dumbfounded with those words echoing over and over in my ears, I could feel my temper slowly climbing up and my blood rapidly boiling within my veins in anger. I was like, what a “complement”! Despite all my sacrifices, I hadn’t been paid 5months before that time in addition to the literal starvation. and I could have just disappeared like my 2 other colleagues but I didn’t.
It took a lot of professionalism not to have exploded, but of course, I first walked the mother out of the clinic – later saw the child after a lot of pleadings. The “yellow card” obviously taught the rest some lessons too as the clinic became grave yard silent after they had finished their sugar coated appreciation #smiles.
Bottom line is when you get to the hospitals or banks, always appreciate that “one man” or “woman” that is seeing that queue of one million – its not easy, they are humans like you and not some super beings. Thank you for reading.


Dear readers of Ayodeji Erubu’s blog, I do hope there is something to always take away from the DPP series. I can’t wait to have you contribute as you’ve always been.
Would you like to also share your ‘interesting’, ‘unpleasant’, or ‘funny’ experiences at the hospital to the world, either as a patient or relative; doctor or nurse; administrative or casual worker? Kindly send your story to ayoerubu@gmail.com , with the title ‘My Hospital Experience’. Together, let us share our amazing human experiences!

Opeyemi Abifarin is a medical doctor practicing in kwara state, Nigeria.

Facebook: Opeyemi Abifarin
Email: osatemy@yahoo.com

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