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Please, I beg to be understood… Settling down and getting married have different meanings. I get a bit pissed when I hear people say they want to settle down, as in marriage. Settling down happens before marriage, sometimes, it happens before you get a serious partner. When people say that they want to settle down, it actually means they want to calm down in life; reshuffle their lives completely; stop flirting around; think like a man/woman; get some silly behaviours/attitudes out; work on their dressing, speeches, friendship with people, movement/paroles, and lot more. When a woman is settled for marriage, you’ll see it in her. She understands that dressing isn’t just an appearance but a message/information. She tries to follow up the fa-ship which rightly defines her.

Same way, when a man settles down, he cuts some of the things he does. He starts chasing two ladies instead of 20. He starts thinking back home, not just bar. He minds the way he talks or addresses people. He stops wearing some “Bling Bling” clothes. These most times, happen before they find the partner to marry. That’s why it’s believed that when a man or woman clocks 30, his or her lifestyle should change to indicate a new phase or era of life. At 30, you are no more a kid and shouldn’t be pushed around. You are a grown adult with different reasoning. It’s good to settle down before marriage. It is good to plan yourself and have a clear view of what you really want. Draft out your purpose and what you want. Think positive and like a mature person. Don’t be moved or pushed by fashion trend. Wear things that define you. Its time to know why you really want to get married. It’s the time to learn more about marriage. To understand that people don’t marry all because they are lonely or want a partner who would wash their clothes and cook for them while fix their eyes to the television.
Thanks for reading my post today. Kindly drop your opinion on today’s post on the comment box, I would be glad hearing your own view about settling down and getting married. See you here next Wednesday. Stay blessed.


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Pheyi is a graduate of Accounting from Lagos state University; a fashionista; CEO, STYLESENSEAFRICA Fashion Academy; a motivational speaker and relationship/marriage blogger.
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