Ways Your Attitude Can Change That Sick-State I; What Questions to Ask About Positive Attitude?

At different points in life I had fought one health challenge or the other–could be frustrating I tell you. In order to keep living right, at those points that I broke down with sickness, I realized that beyond the practice of having to swallow one medicine or to be injected with another, one priceless asset I’d stuck to was ‘a positive attitude’. We perhaps aspire to own the largest conglomerate, run the hottest fashion line, or even become the greatest sportsmen around– I need to remind us that it’s very normal to have ambitions. However, once health issues crop in with their own’ anti-righteous demands’, these aspirations may shrink into mere dreams, which then only require time to fade off as one’s health condition deteriorates further.

Through many interactions with patients suffering from terminal illnesses, I discovered that one crucial question I had sought for an answer to, of which I never got to ask anyway, was, ‘’whether these patients eventually die from their illnesses or from the ‘occult’ disease of a lost will to keep fighting on?’’ Answers may vary from specialist to specialist or researcher to researcher– some may even call it rhetorical, thus, may require only God to answer. One important fact, though, is that with negative (damaging) attitudes, patients suffering from life-threatening sicknesses are at risk of dying fast–quicker than the nature would have had it.

Your attitude to an event is the reaction formed towards that event, and usually spurs from what you feel about the event. Frankly speaking, there is no positive or direct correlation between being on the sick bed and possessing a positive attitude, hence, a more natural and spontaneous feeling and reaction to being sick is to be sad! To portray an instance, I once developed a terrible back pain that got me admitted in the hospital just a day before certain job interview I had been praying and hoping for. Knowing I would miss the interview and may try hard to get another was one hell of a heart-break, now considering I had to cope with this undesirable pain for sometimes despite the administered pain reliever turned to be a sad news, and even more sadder news was that I was broke, still had to pay for those drugs I used, medical investigations like C.T scan and hospital bed space. Then, you may wonder what positive attitude would possibly come out of my multiple predicaments?

In arithmetics, the more we add up negative values, the larger the resultant negative sum, which in a simpler way interpreted as debts by the accountant and as losses by the economist. Our body system can also be said to function based on this principle of either of these professionals, as it also recognizes debts and loses but in its own case as a negative health factor. So if we can remove these multiple problems/debts/losses associated with ailments, the burden on our health is reduced. From here, the better question to ask is how do I create a positive attitude?

Hey dearest! Instead of dwelling on the unfortunate sickness and the ‘bad lucks’ it has cropped with it, it’s beneficial to try and put the ugly behind and move on. Dwell on what could possibly go right and not what have gone wrong! It is crucial to learn that at this point you would have to detach yourself from negative people and stick to and seek counsels from people that inspire and motivate you. If you’re on hospital admission like I was, as much as possible avoid having interactions with annoying hospital workers. Try and take solace in nurses that inspire you and truly care for you. You may think you are not the only patient on the ward and hence they don’t have your time, notwithstanding, there will always be that one doctor or nurse that will take special interest in you and always make you happy.
In keeping positive attitude let that relative taking care of you–during the course of your indisposition–know you appreciate them by thanking them often and smiling ones in a while with the little strength you may seem to have, this gives them the impression that you’re getting better and encourages them to do more and not give up on you, untill you actually get better. You may then realize that this positive mentality would not only help improve your psychological health, but also provide a perfect environment for the body to adequately fight against ‘misfortune-laden’ illnesses.

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